Ten Tips for a Successful Open House

1. Ditch the Scents.
Instead of dousing your furniture and closets with Febreze and lighting cake scented candles try eliminating odors with a good deep cleaning. Give your appliances a good clean, shampoo your carpet and even repaint walls to eliminate prominent odors and lastly, simply open windows to let in fresh air and bring in some fresh flowers! This will show the next owners of your home that you took good care of your home, and you cared. Although it might require a little more work than you’d like, it will be totally worth it!

2. Let in the Light
Rooms seem bigger and open when they’re lit up! So make sure you open your shades or curtains and let in the natural light!

3. Stay Away
Let’s be honest, It’s always awkward when you’re looking at a house that you’re interested in, and the owners are there.

4. Clean out the Closets
Think back to when you were buying your home. Organization and seeing how people took care of the home played a big roll in your decision if you were going to buy it or not. You’re planning on moving anyways, so just take a couple hours and clean out those closets!

5. No Pets
If you’re planning your open house, make sure you’re going somewhere where your little fur kids can come along too. Not everyone loves those little kiddos like we do and might not want them around, even if they are interested in your home. If someone has a fear of cats or dogs, they might not even take the time to look at your home.

6. Welcoming Entryways
Little things like wiping the dirt off of your door, buying a new mat, getting a nice plant outside of your entryway can make buyers feel more welcome to their potential home!

7. Take down the “Personal” Items
So you don’t have to go as far as taking down family photos, but if you have anything that could be a little controversial, just take it down.

8. Buy New Towels
Having items that match and “go with the flow” give a sense that the home is organized and calming.

9. Set your table
Staging your dining room can be a huge plus for potential home buyers. If people see a living space and connect with it the way, they would set it up and use it. It can be a huge selling point.

10. Safety and Privacy
When you’re getting ready for your home, make sure you store away your “questionable” items. Any jewelry, weapons, prescription medication even kitchen knives. Make sure that’s all out of sight.