Sell Your House in one Showing

1. Declutter Your Home
So decluttering can be stressful and overwhelming. To make it easier for you, go room by room. That way it makes it all a little less stressful and more organized. Also, before you start, decide on timing and how much decluttering needs to be done.

2. Deep Clean
It’s just worth it, It will show that you care about your home, and you like things looking nice!

3. Sell and Donate Unwanted Items
Have a garage sale, sell online, bring to goodwill. Any items that you’re debating on selling or donating, just do it! It’ll help declutter your mind as well.

4. Neutralize your Home
People get distracted by bold prints and colors, make sure you neutralize your decor, so everything looks soft and organized!

5. Paint
One coat of paint can go a long way and make your home look fresh and eliminate strong odors

6. Half-empty closets
Buyers are always looking for extra space and storage, so If you clean out those closets and keep it organized, buyers will notice that there are lots of additional storage!

7. The first Impression is the Only Impression
Buyers had already judged your home before they walked in your home. Make sure your exterior is just as prepared as your interior. Wipe off dirt, set your entryway to be welcoming.

8. Light up Your Home!
Make sure the house is well lit, rooms look larger when there is more lighting.

9. Smells
Make sure your home is smelling nice! You want to open your windows and let the home smell fresh.

10. Stage you Home
Deep cleaning, decluttering and depersonalizing to make your home look as appealing as possible. A survey by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals 95% of staged homes sell in 23 days or less, on average.