5 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

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1. Keep It Cozy
Make sure you turn the heat up, use throws, rugs, make the room look super cozy!

2. Put out Year Rounded Beauty
Putting out Spring, Summer and Fall Images of your home during our open house to let buyers see what the listing looked like in those seasons.

3. Decorate Tastefully
Since it’s Winter/Christmas season make sure to decorate your home with pretty lights, have a tree up and lightly scented candles.

4. Use the Smaller Inventory to your Advantage
Inventory defiantly gets smaller in the winter, and if you’re thinking of selling, this could be an advantage to you! Make a list of what makes your home’s features special, if you have a fireplace make sure to promote that in your listing. People searching for homes in the winter season will appreciate a cozy lit fireplace!

5. Appear Meticulous
Leaving a note in the entryway asking potential buyers to take off their shoes isn’t disrespectful. In fact, It’ll show that you care about your home, and you’re concerned about its cleanness. It will reflect well on the state of the house in general.